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Summer Project

World Map Project
·         Create a map in whatever format you would like. This could be on paper, poster, digital, or any other format you think will work best for you and show me the kind of student you will be for me this year. Understand that your map will need to be big enough to show all of the things below.
·         All of the continents need to be labeled on your map.
·         All of the oceans need be labeled on your map.
·         You should label the extent of power and influence of each early civilization listed below with a different color. Some colors may overlap and that is OK.
-          Olmec (blue)
-          Norte Chico (red)
-          Nile Valley (brown)
-          Mesopotamian (green)
-          Indus Valley (purple)
-          Shang (yellow)
·         Within each early civilization:
-          Label the important bodies of water (i.e. rivers, lakes, etc.)
-          Label major cities during its height
-          Label any major geographic features (i.e. mountains, deserts, etc.)
Outline of Chapter 1 and 2
·         Outline Chapters 1 and 2 (pages 11-32 and 49-67), but not Part 1. Part 1 (pages 3-7) is an introductory section and you will not be tested on it.
·         You may use any outline format that works for you. The key is to read and try to put things into your own words in a way that makes sense to you.
·         Your outlines are the only things you can have with you for your Friday book quizzes. So I highly recommend that you do these. I will not grade your outlines, but they will assure that you have had exposure to the topics you will be quizzed on each Friday.
·         Remember, I can’t cover everything in class. Your readings and chapter outlines are the only way to cover everything that needs to be covered. If you have not done the outlines by the time school starts, you will struggle on the quiz the first Friday of class and it will be a very good indicator of whether you should remain in the class.
** Your map is due on the first day of school.
** You will have a quiz over chapters 1 and 2 on the first Friday of school. You may use your notes or outlines of the chapters during the quiz.
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