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Computer Programming 1

Computer Programming 1 Syllabus

Grade Level:

Mr. David Binnion

Email Address: 

Conference Information:
Conferences may be arranged by calling me at 393-3485 ext 2905 and you can contact me at any time via email. 

Course Description:
This class is designed for students who are interested in learning how to program. The emphasis of this class is learning how to develop the problem solving skills required of programmers. The course stresses variables, scope, program design, data types, and data structures.

Required Materials & Fees:
The book is online here but most students don't find it helpful or necessary. However the programming language can be found here and many students do find this useful.

Assignments, Projects & Homework
Students are graded on their homework assignments ,in-class programming assignments, and quizzes. A practical exam is given at the end of the semester.

Hillsboro School's Grading Policy:
The Hillsboro City Schools has adopted a grading policy that places an emphasis on students showing their mastery of the subject matter. Mastery assignments (labeled MAS in my gradebook) are worth 80% of the student’s grade. These include tests, projects, and other assignments that measure the student’s mastery of the subject. Assignments meant to help students practice new ideas and skills (labeled ASG in my gradebook) are worth 20% of the quarter grade.

Specific Policies & Expectations:
Students will adhere to all board-adopted policies. I permit no food, candy, gum, or drinks in my room for computer safety concerns. I strongly believe that students want to do well in school and will try to meet their teachers' expectations. I strive to keep my expectations for students high but realistic. I have spent my life trying to adhere to the simple idea of treating others the way I want to be treated - that is the first and most important rule of my classroom.

I expect students to be on time to class prepared to work. I expect them to respect their classmates, me, and themselves. They are teenagers and they will make mistakes - I know that and fully admit that I am not perfect. I do expect students to own up to their mistakes and try to learn from them.

A quick note on phones. Mr Davis, our superintendent has made it clear that he expects phones to be turned off and put away during class time unless they are being used for classroom instruction and since I do find smartphones useful my rules are as follows: Phones must be face down on the desk next to the student's computer or off and put away once the tardy bell rings. If the phone is not on the desk face down, it must be off. At the end of the period students may use their phones to set reminders and jot a quick note. A student who uses his/her phone during the period (in other words, picks it up or takes it out of his/her bookbag) will get one warning. Second offense: the phone will be taken for the period. Third offense and the phone will be taken for the day. Fourth offense the phone will be given to the office and board policy will be followed for that and all further offenses.

After reading this syllabus please click on my email link below and send me a short email which includes your child/guardian's name, what period he/she is in, and your name to signify that you have read the syllabus. If you have any questions now or in the future don't hesitate to contact me - email is the quickest and most convenient way.


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