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Unit 4 Spelling & Vocabulary

Weekly Selection

Spelling Words

* = bonus words 

Vocabulary Words
4-1 The Quilt Storyankle, title, apple, cable, purple, able, bugle, bundle, bubble, giggle, sparkle, tickle *troubleblankets, hatchet, patchwork, pretended, quilt, stitched, stuffing, trunks, unpacked, wrapped
4-1  Alternative Spelling Listfew, flew, new, book, cook, hook, look, took, too, zoo, when, why 
4-2 Life Cycle of a Pumpkinput, cook, stood, full, wood, July, shook, push, pull, book, hook, hood *footprintbumpy, cycle, fruit, harvest, root, smooth, soil, tendrils, vine, wither
4-2 Alternative Spelling Listdry, sky, fly, fix, six, mix, over, clover, very, van, vet, vent 
4-3 Frogsaround, about, gown, sound, flower, howl, ground, pound, crown, south, mouse, downtown *withoutbulges, crawls, insects, pond, powerful, shed, skin, spawn, vegetarians, wonderful
4-3 Alternative Spelling Listage, gym, giant, gel, mice, cent, center, city, quiet, quote, quick, queen 
4-4 I Like Where I Amjoy, noise, royal, moist, broil, cowboy, spoil, joint, foil, enjoy, destroy, loyal *choiceblock, chuckle, fair, giant, glee, strong, tears, trouble, usually
4-4 Alternative Spelling Listblue, black, brown, braid, place, play, glad, glory, plan, slick, slide 
4-5 Helen Keller and the Big Stormtoo, new, fruit, blue, true, cool, suit, spoon, clue, juice, drew, flew *threwangry, branches, clung, fierce, fingers, picnic, pressing, scent, special, tantrum
4-5 Alternative Spelling Listclan, clap, clip, creep, cry, grand, green, greet, grin, trace, tree, try 
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