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School Nurse K-12
Laura Johnson
The Hillsboro City Schools has 2 clinics; one at the Elementary Complex (Rm 2114) and one at the Middle School/High School complex (Rm 1321). Laura Johnson, RN, BSN, LSN is the district school nurse.   The elementary clinic is also staffed by health aides Tamara Reed and Mickey Cooper.  The hours of operation at the elementary clinic are 8:45 am-4:00 pm. The MS/HS clinic is also staffed by health aide Dee Brown. The hours of operation at the MS/HS clinic are 7:40 am-2:40 pm.  Please feel free to contact us during those hours if you have questions or concerns. Please refer to our district medication policy to become familiar with the necessary steps to follow if medication is needed by your student during the school day. For the safety of your student, medication cannot be accepted by any staff member other than a member of our clinic staff.
The clinic staff has a wide variety of responsibilities, but a few of them would include providing basic first aid to students and staff throughout the school day, coordinating medication administration for students, providing specific health care to students with medical needs as directed by their physicians, maintaining health records on all students in the district in accordance with state law, providing and coordinating various health screenings on students in the district, and relaying pertinent medical information to staff as needed to ensure the safety of students during the school day.
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